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Bill and Sue are excited about how the Lord can use them in the ministries in Malawi!


Bill and Sue Vinton

Bill and Sue VintonBill—Bachelor of Theology in pastoral studies; Master of Divinity with an emphasis in missions; and a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis in leadership and spiritual formation.

Has been involved in pastoring the Kahuwa church in Bukavu and teaching in the Kindu Bible College where he was president and helped coordinate 13 small Bible Schools in the interior of the country. He was also involved in leadership training programs, writing books in Swahili for pastoral use, and working with local pastors in church evangelism.

He felt that God wanted him to dedicate his life to missionary service in the Congo when he was 19 and doing youth work in Bukavu, Congo.

In August 2013, he and Sue left Congo and moved to Lilongwe, Malawi to work alongside GMI's missionaries serving there to help and encourage them in their ministries.

Sue—Bachelor of Religious Education.

While in Congo she prepared Bible studies and small books to be used in teaching ladies in the Grace Churches, as well as teaching women and children's classes. She also did the accounting for the mission funds in Congo and facilitated communication with and sending supplies to the Kama, Kindu, and Kipaka areas.

She was open to missions since her youth but felt "called" to missions about two years after becoming a missionary!

They have three children, all girls: Rachel, Christina, and Laura. Rachel graduated from Grace Bible College and Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is married to Andrew Brose; Christina graduated from nursing school at the University of Pennsylvania and is married to Aaron Brose (yes, he is Andrew's brother!); and Laura is a student at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Facts About Bill and Sue Vinton
Bill - May 25
Sue - August 4
May 17
Field Address:
PO Box 20043
Lilongwe, MALAWI


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