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Chuck and Joy Befus

Befus Family August 2013Chuck and Joy are full-time missionaries under GMI and have been missionaries in Costa Rica since 1987.

Prior to their arrival in Costa Rica, a small church had been started by Chuck's dad and mom, Clarence and Elnora Befus. Chuck and Joy met at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree (1984) and a Bachelor of Christian Education degree (1983) respectively. They had heard of the need for Bible-based churches and schools in Costa Rica and felt a desire and leading of the Lord to work with the Befus family in such ministries. So, after being married five years and living in Grand Rapids, they decided to begin a new life in San Antonio de Belén, Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, Chuck and Joy were involved in establishing a full church ministry and three schools. Chuck and Joy most recently were involved in a church plant in Alajuela which is a church that continues to grow. Together Chuck and Joy counsel, visit, and teach a marriage course which includes both Christian and non-Christian couples. Joy is involved in the women's ministries and youth ministries. She is also involved in AWANA and helps out in many other areas of ministry.

When moving to Costa Rica, Chuck and Joy had one child and now they have nine children. They have been blessed beyond measure with these wonderful gifts from God.

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1) T-shirts for Kids' Games participants ($4/each for 250-300 kids) for both the Alajuela and Belen churches.

2) $2,000 - Skate Park - Two times per week the church in San Antonio de Belen is converted into a skate park with the purpose of reaching youth who skate. Many have problems with drugs and have quit school. The church is affiliated with a skating ministry and wants to continue reaching out to these youth. The money will be used to build portable equipment for use during these two events per week.

3) $7,500 - Used Van - After selling their current van, they still need to raise an additional $7,500.




Facts About the Befus Family
Chuck - January 24
Joy - May 16
Caleb - January 4, 1989
Erin - January 9, 1991
Camron - January 27, 1993
Autumn - March 9, 1995
Elenrae - July 4, 1997
Regan - May 4, 1999
Thane - April 29, 2001
June 5
Field Address:
Apartado 809-4005
San Antonio de Belén


Chuck and Joy Befus

Elnora Befus