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SERVING THE LORD IN ZAMBIA (currently working with Breakthrough Partners)


Dan and Tina Moyer

Dan and Tina MoyerDaniel and Tina Moyer have served in Africa in partnership with Grace Ministries International since 1990, living in Tanzania from 1990-1997 and then Zambia until January of 2011. Although the Moyers' long-term residence is in Kabwe, Zambia, they are currently on assignment in the USA working with Breakthrough Partners in Edmonds, Washington, in the global field operations department.

Their three children -- Natalie (16), Nadine (13), and Seth (9) -- are currently in Sequim public schools.

Over the past 22 years the Moyers have served in various capacities including: hospital administration, construction, leadership development, church planting, community projects, and community school administration.

Dan and Tina's passion is to facilitate life-changing training, bring sustainable development, and model a biblical worldview to any community where they are working as ambassadors of Christ.

To read Dan and Tina's most recent newsletter, click HERE.

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Facts About the Moyers
Dan - November 6
Tina - February 2
Natalie - June 4, 1996
Nadine - November 20, 1998
Seth - October 3, 2002
December 20
Field Address:
Grace Church of Zambia
PO Box 80236


Prayer Request: Please pray for Dan and Tina as they remain in the States for another year working with "Breakthrough Partners" in Edmonds, Washington.



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